Cycle’s Meetups Are Back!

When we moved to Reno from Ohio 3 years ago, one of the biggest draws was the community of the “biggest little city”. There was this vibrancy, an air of excitement about the future, and we wanted to be a part of that. As a new tech startup in town, it seemed one of the best ways to get to know the people involved in Reno’s up and coming tech scene was to host a meetup, where we could meet face to face, get excited about different technologies and share experiences.

There were several successful events in which a dozen or more people attended, talked about infrastructure technology, and we started forming a tight “Reno Tech” group. However, shortly after our 4th or so meetup, we needed to go back into heavy dev mode to build out the next major release of the platform. This was a huge shift and was going to require the entire team to focus on it, leaving no time to plan and host our meetup, so we made the tough decision to suspend it.

Restarting Our Meetup Series: September 17th Recap

With the latest version of Cycle, dubbed “Angel Lake”, live and stable, we’ve decided to revive our meetup and help facilitate the Reno tech and startup community once again. We kicked off our first new meetup last month on September 17, with a bunch of fresh faces and over 30 people in attendance!

This was our first event in a long time, and to some people in the community it probably seemed like we had risen from the dead after such a long period of inactivity. We decided to focus the meetup on what we’ve been up to, and highlight some of the local businesses we’ve been working with who have been utilizing Cycle daily (and provide free food and beer of course).

The first half-hour of the meetup was filled with hearty conversation, smiling faces of people we hadn’t seen in far too long, and the sweet scent of hot wings. Once everyone settled into their seats and the conversation died down some, Cycle’s CEO, Jake Warner, dove right into talking about our recent history and where the company is today.

Next, I came up and showed some of the capabilities of Cycle Angel Lake via a live demo, and fielded some fantastic questions from the audience. After that, we introduced Zachary Draper, CTO at Talage Insurance, to talk about how they are utilizing Cycle in their production environment:

Finally, Jake from D4 Advanced Media took the stage and talked about their cloud migration experience and how Cycle has helped them modernize their entire infrastructure to be more automated and efficient:

The Future Of Cycle Meetups

With the success of our first meetup, we’re aiming to host a meetup every 1–2 months starting this November (and possibly skipping the holiday season in December). We’ve got a couple ideas for topics — there’s a lot to cover in the ever evolving infrastructure space. But we’d love to hear from the community on what you would like us to cover. If you have any suggestions, drop a comment on this story and let us know!

A special thanks to Zachary Draper from Talage Insurance and Jake Cumming from D4 Advanced Media for presenting, and to Kevin Tappan for the fantastic event space!

Still Have Questions?

If you want to dive in and learn more, head over to our slack channel. Our community is growing, and our team hangs out there daily. Feel free to shoot us a message any time with your questions and we’ll be sure to respond!

Of course, for a more in-depth look at how to use Cycle, check out our documentation.