Simplicity Without Compromise

Who We Are

Back in 2015 when containers began exploding in popularity, we noticed something: everyone was over complicating them. Since then, our team of focused and passionate engineers have sought to revolutionize container orchestration, making the process as simple and painless as possible.

From the Ground Up

From inception to execution, we cut no corners, creating our products from scratch, and not building them on top of other technologies or systems.

Dedicated to Staying Lean

We set out to build the platform we'd always wanted. A small team razor focused on delivering your team the simplest and most effective experience running applications in the cloud.

Stability First

Our main focus is stability. We stay away from hype and look to add features that bring value to 80% or more of our end users in a way that favors stability.

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Reno is going through a tech awakening, and Cycle is right in the heart of it. With heavyweights like Tesla, Switch, Apple, and more choosing to run critical infrastructure out of Reno, there's been no better time to call the biggest little city in the world, home.


  • Cycle / Petrichor, Inc.
  • 18124 Wedge Pkwy #208
  • Reno, NV 89511


Cycle is composed of passionate and talented people. We're always looking for like-minded individuals to join our team and help us strive towards a common goal. We hire the person, not the job.

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Brand Guide

We love our brand and want to keep its integrity! Please follow our brand guidelines when referencing Cycle. For any questions regarding usage or assets, contact