Pricing for Everyone

Bring your own infrastructure and connect to Cycle

Pricing GearsFree

  • 5GB RAM Pool
  • 10GB Image Storage
  • 1 Max Nodes
  • 500 API Requests per Day
  • 1 Max Team Members

Pricing GearsLite

  • 15GB RAM Pool
  • 30GB Image Storage
  • 5 Max Nodes
  • 2,000 API Requests per Day
  • 3 Max Team Members

Pricing GearsStandard

  • 100GB RAM Pool
  • 100GB Image Storage
  • Unlimited Nodes
  • 20,000 API Requests per Day
  • 10 Max Team Members
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Pricing GearsPremium

  • 300GB RAM Pool
  • 500GB Image Storage
  • Unlimited Nodes
  • 100,000 API Requests per Day
  • Unlimited Team Members

Tier Features

RAM Pool (GB)515100300
Additional RAM Cost (GB)Hard-Capped$5.00$4.00$3.00
Image Storage (GB)1030100500
Max Nodes15UnlimitedUnlimited
Daily API Requests5002,00020,000100,000
Max Team Members1310Unlimited
performance builds
automated backups
Coming Soon
deployment pipelines
Coming Soon
dedicated cluster
deployment strategieslimited
resource density
first available
resource density
first available
resource density
first available
high availability
resource density
first available
high availability
multi provider
advanced monitoring
infrastructure monitoring
live chatLimited
Limited for 7 days
phone support
slack community
audit log
two factor auth

We're Here When You Need Us

No matter what your uptime needs are - Cycle can help you make them a reality

Business Critical
Starting At $750.00
Engineering Support
Uptime SLA
Guaranteed Response Time<1 hour


  • Can I use my own infrastructure?
    Cycle does not yet support on-premise infrastructure. With that being said, when you deploy infrastructure through your Cycle hub, you own that infrastructure. Currently, we partner with AWS, Vultr, and Equinix Metal. All infrastructure costs are paid directly to your provider and all management is done through Cycle. Learn more here.
  • What makes two hubs different?
    Every hub represents a logical separation of infrastructure and members. The only thing that would be different from a usage standpoint would be features. The features of a hub are designated by that hub's tier. Located at the top of this page is a detailed description of each tier and what features are included with them.
  • Do you offer support plans?
    With Cycle, support comes standard in every tier. However, there are limitations based on which tier you select. If you need Service Level Agreements, we do offer those as part of our Business Critical Support Plan which can be upgraded to and offers several other incentives.
  • Does each tier come with every feature?
    All tiers include the features needed to get containers online, but larger tiers enhance those features or allow a higher quantity of resources.
  • Is RAM licensing hard capped?
    For the Free Tier, RAM licensing is hard-capped. For additional RAM, the remaining tiers offer overage pricing.
  • When am I charged?
    You'll be charged when you place an order, or whenever your order renews. Placing an order means selecting an initial tier/support plan during hub creation, or upgrading your tier during your billing cycle.
  • How long is a billing term?
    You will be charged based on a 28 day cycle. However, your tier will renew on the same day of the month that you signed up.
  • If I downgrade my tier, will I receive a refund?
    You'll be issued a credit for the remaining days of your current tier and charged for the remaining days of the billing period at the new tier. If you need to request a refund instead of credits please email
  • Does my cost change with the number of containers I deploy?
    Not at all! The infrastructure is yours to use as you wish. But you must stay within your RAM pool.
  • Can I pay with a bank account or wire?
    Currently, we only allow payment with a debit or credit card. If you have more advanced billing needs, please contact our support team.
  • Can I pay with a prepaid card?
    Authorized accounts can use prepaid cards. If you need to pay with a prepaid card, please reach out to support.
  • Do you offer discounted pricing?
    Are you a non-profit? Feel free to reach out to for more information.